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I re-hire each position once a year, so that's 100% turnover. 


It costs $1,000 per re-hire considering training. 

At 1,000 employees, that's $1M.


StellarEmploy learns the secret behind your best employees.

Our artificially intelligent filter identifies applicants who will succeed.


With our Hiring Board...

Get the kinds of applicants you want instantly

Customize your interview preferences

Track status updates easily and intuitively

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With our Dashboard...

Take the hiring pulse across your network

Identify gaps and opportunities for action

Share weekly reports with managers & C-suite


StellarEmploy delivers results

Check out how we doubled the number of Dunkin Donuts' high-performing employees.

Discover the differences between high-performers at Burger King vs. Domino's franchisees


Learn how we helped a retailer hire more at-risk youth while reducing turnover.


Don't delay. Start hiring better today.

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