High-volume recruiting is characterized by constant turnover. Did you know that 30% of new hires quit in 45 days?

As a result, HR teams face an endless cycle of recruiting, onboarding, and training. This drains resources and morale.

Data-driven hiring lets you recruit with confidence, employ quality workers, and automate the low-value process steps. Here’s how:

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1. Our Job Survey...

Identifies candidates aligned to your specific job requirements. We use on the job performance data to recommend candidates most likely to excel.

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2. Our Hiring Board...

Makes it faster and easier to select the best candidates. Manage interviews, standardize communication, automate scheduling, and use tags to track reasons for drop-off.

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3. Our Dashboard...

Shows your real world outcomes against targets, in real-time. Track the life cycle of candidates through employment to see how recommended hires perform.